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Facebook Ad’s Power Editor

Adam Bullock • November 9, 2016 • 2 minutes to read

While I was within Facebook Ad's Power Editor (their online tool for heavy-duty ad updates on the Facebook Ads platform) today, my interface refreshed and I was informed that there had been an update.

Woo! An update!

And that's NOT sarcastic! Facebook's Power Editor is a bit of a clunker; often hanging up, failing to load, or causing a multitude of any other weird, quirky errors.

But, news of an update was pretty exciting when it came on Wednesday, November 9, 2016.

Unfortunately, it appears to be just a bit of a UI update. But not totally unwelcome!


We've got tabs! ...and they work just fine!

To refresh your memory, before it was just a quick click of a little row on the left to get to campaigns / ad sets / ads:

Okay, so that makes it a little easier to navigate, but what else does this update include?

Go On, Select Something...

So, one of the weirdest things about Facebook's Power Editor is how selecting an ad, ad set, or campaign is somewhat hidden and finnicky.

Good news! The new tabs give you an easy peek into how many of each are selected. Check it:

Final Thoughts

Not an earth-shattering update....but a step in the right direction.

What Facebook's Power Editor needs to do is make it easier to find information and have it work reliably. This one checks off the first need, and the jury is still out on the other.

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