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Metrics You Should Be Using

Kerry Guard • February 16, 2012 • 2 minutes to read

A couple days ago, Rocket Fuel's VP of Analytics Jarvis Mak wrote an articledetailing the metrics agency professionals should be using to determine the success of their online media campaign.

Through his extensive experience at Rocket Fuel, Havas Digital, Nielsen (and much, much more), Jarvis shared the following insights:

  • Use Life Time Value (LTV) As a Metric: Focus on the quality of the leads you're producing; that is, generate leads that are going to convert for you ten times over. Especially in retail and finance, where promotions generate a large percentage of one-time shoppers, you want to invest more to acquire quality leads that are going to become repeat customers.
  • Measure Brand Lift & Purchase Intent: Measuring purchase intent and brand perception is a great way to get a real-time snapshot of your market. This can be accomplished by serving a Vizu brand study, which has qualitative questions of users within the ad unit, from a learning platform like Data Xu or Legolas that will deliver the surveys to the appropriate audience and optimize campaign segments based off of the responses (amongst other things).
  • Don't Optimize to CTR: Through extensive research, iMedia produced a study that showed optimizing only to click-through-rate excluded a large volume of inventory that would have reached optimal customer segments. This goes back to acquiring quality conversions; the study found that 'click-ier' segments did actually produce the same volume of conversions or quality, high LTV customers as the optimal customer segments did.

So, what metrics is your agency using to determine the success of your campaign?

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