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Three Examples of Mobile Marketing Genius

Kerry Guard • February 21, 2012 • 2 minutes to read

You've probably heard the statistics about smartphone ownership; mobile is the next marketing frontier. Just to brush up, let me remind you that ...

  • According to comScore, 40% of all mobile devices in the US are smartphones
  • IDC found that by 2015,more US internet users will access the web on a mobile device than by computer
  • A second IDC studyreported that nearly 1 billion smartphone handsets will be purchased in 2015 So, how are brands going to communicate their product message to all these smartphone users?

Here are three ways to engage consumers on their wireless device.

  • SMS Marketing: SMS marketing campaigns collect opt-in users who agree to receive occasional text messages containing coupons or last-minute deals they can physically bring into a store to redeem upon purchase. Our good friend Derek Johnson, CEO of SMS marketing company Tatango, has a great graphic describing how easy it is to engage consumers using SMS marketing.
  • Engaging Creative Executions: A great example of a company utilizing high-impact creative is Zumobi, a mobile marketing company based out of Seattle that uses expandable microsites within mobile applications as well as full-page loading screen executions that take over the screen when an application is loading new data. These types of executions are all user initiated and literally take over the entire screen, allowing brands to speak directly to the consumer with no content or other advertisers to compete with.
  • Advertising Downloads: Mobile vendors like Fiksu are able to drive mobile application downloads using mobile advertising. Not only that, but these companies can tier downloaders into specific segments based upon how much they use the application post-download, making it easier to find a more loyal user base as opposed to a one-and-done user that won't use the application more than once.

These are just a couple examples of how brands can engage users on their mobile device. So just out of curiousity ...

How are you engaging consumers on their mobile devices?

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