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Speak Your Truth

Kerry Guard • Monday, January 13, 2020 • 43 minutes to listen

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Erin Weed

I help leaders to clarify their purpose, simplify their message & give authentic talks. I'm fortunate to have worked with hundreds of truth-seeking entrepreneurs, artists, activists, academics and executives from across the globe. My clients include Google, University of Colorado, CableLabs and many individuals who are thought leaders and public figures. I help them achieve epic clarity of who they are, what they stand for and how to communicate it. My end goal is to use words to create authentic connection between people.


There's a room. A slide projector. Every seat is full. You've worked weeks on this presentation. Now it's time to deliver it. Sell it. Get buy-in. All your hard work leads to this moment... But you can't hear over your heart beat. You thought you were prepared but now you're second guessing all your recommendations. This is the moment to impress your boss and show you chose the right partner, you concocted the right strategy, and your going to contribute to helping this business grow...

... But your head is swimming and your nerves get the best of you and all you can do is read the slides and all you can do is do everything you can to survive...


... Your head is clear. You've practiced until the script was second nature and you're ready. You know this content like the back of your hand. You stand up, slide show behind you. You deliver the presentation like it's a TED Talk. Nailed it. They're asking about next steps are.

Which outcome would you prefer?

Erin Weed has taught countless individuals how to deliver real, authentic TED Talks. She has created a school that now anyone can learn how to improve speaking skills by speaking from the heart with authenticity.

Dig Your Truth

This is the first and probably most important step of Speaker School (IMHO). You sit down with a friend, colleague, or mentor and tell your life story. In that, the listener identifies key themes to which you discuss and sum up in ONE WORD. Yes. One Word. It's a process, but so powerful when you find it and have this ahah moment!

Message It

Once you have the word there are a few steps in taking it from a word to a speech. Including a full blown, word for word script.

Deliver It

Once you have this full blown script you have to practice it! Until it is second nature. Then you can get up on stage, step in front of a camera, or expand on it and write a book. However you wan to deliver your truth, there are many ways to turn this speech into multiple pieces of content.

Market It

And once you deliver it, the work doesn't stop there.

What's Your Truth?

As marketers we have to deliver presentations or participate in speaking engagements all the time. By knowing your truth, regardless if it's this speech you develop, it'll take your speaking skills to the next level. It'll build confidence in all your presentations and give you the backbone to stand up and sell your idea.

This episode is brought to you by MKG Marketing the digital marketing agency that helps complex tech companies like cybersecurity, grow their businesses and fuel their mission through SEO, digital ads, and analytics.

Hosted by Kerry Guard, CEO co-founder MKG Marketing. Music Mix and mastering done by Austin Ellis.

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