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Scale Your Business Through Documented Training

Kerry Guard • Monday, January 20, 2020 • 43 minutes to listen

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Scaling a team and business is hard work. Especially onboarding and getting new hires up to speed quickly and efficiently without draining company resources.

The easiest and most effective way to train is to document your processes and approaches and now with so many video and screen sharing tools it easier now than ever. While you're doing a task, record it! Talk out loud about what you're doing and why you're doing what you're doing then share it so new hires can take that task over.

Move From Player to Coach

As marketing managers or business owners we can't do the doing forever. We need to guide vision and direction and being the weeds all the time makes that tough. By documenting your approach and process on how to do specific things you're making it easy for someone else to learn, you're creating consistency in approach, and you ramp up much quicker then having to set up additional time to walk someone through how to do something.

Just Hit Record

Getting started is the hardest part. As Jonathan says, "Don't over think it. Just hit record." The minute you start trying to create process around how you're going to document process is the minute you get in your own way of possibly never getting started.

Start at the start. Hit record.

Transparency > Perfection

It's not going to be perfect. It's not supposed to be. If you go down the wrong path or are missing a link or document you needed, don't stop. Keep going and later circle back either through writing or another quick video to fill the gap. If you go for perfection, again, you'll get in your own way and while you would have started, you won't ever finish.

You'll also create a real world scenario on how things could go and if it ends up being wrong then you can then show how to fix it!

Get Going

Here's a guide Jonathan has just for you. Check it then chose your tool of choice and hit record.

Go forth and scale!

Jonathan Ronzio

I’m obsessed with making ideas happen and telling stories that inspire action. My take on marketing, as well as everything else, is that authenticity always wins. You can find me scaling businesses and mountains.

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