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More We, Less Me

Kerry Guard • Thursday, April 15, 2021 • 60 minutes to listen

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Larry Long Jr.

Larry Long Jr. is the Director of Collegiate Sales at Teamwork. He specializes in recruiting top tier talent for high performing sales teams.

People 2 People Connections

Larry Long Jr. has a goal to change 1,000 lives in 2021. He is the Director of Collegiate Sales at Teamworks.

Not B2B or B2C but rather P2P, people to people sales. The most successful people care about others first. For Larry, sales is playing matchmaker; finding the right partnerships between products or services and individual's wants and needs. They may not know what they need but it is a perfect opportunity for the salesperson to offer that service or assistance.

When faced with failure or obstructions Larry allows remembers the acronym FIDO- Forget-about It, Drive On. Try to not get bogged down with the rough patches of work-life because they will only slow you down in the future. When in conversation, strive for a 53-47 split. Listening is an excellent opportunity to learn.

Recruiting with EPIC Values

Larry bases his recruiting style and whether or not an employee can survive and thrive around four particular qualities. Past success is the best indicator of future success.

  • E - Entrepreneurial spirit. Rather than focusing solely on what a candidate already knows or brings to the table, be on the look out for those with the courage to speak out and be uncomfortable when facing new challenges or situations.
  • P - Practice. The 10,000 hours rule may not always apply, but a true master or team player must show up and give 110%, whether for practice or the game.
  • I - Internal drive and desire. One must demonstrate the ability to overcome obstacles. Success leaves clues; he likes to ponder to candidates 'what is your proudest accomplishment?' In addition, he likes to consult the scouting report on a person, the various anecdotes that colleagues may offer.
  • C- Communication and confidence. Before even hiring someone, you should be able to answer the question- do they care? Both are key but the ability to communicate when one isn't as confident in their abilities is absolutely necessary when first entering a team. Without this dialogue, a newbie may not be able to gel with the other team members; in addition, they may be uncomfortable in a new role without their manager being aware and able offer additional resources.

By recruiting likeminded individuals, you can find a good fit right from the start and cultivate a culture of growth. He notes this great quote from Henry Ford, "Whether you think you can or whether you think you can't, you're right." Negativity is contagious and mindset drives actions which drives ultimate outcomes. This was just a high-level overview of our conversation with Larry. Be sure to listen to the full episode and the entire season on all streaming platforms!


If you would like guidance on finding your won EPIC values, request the Values chapter from my book. It's in the works and I'd love to have you read this chapter and provide feedback. Request from with subject line, Values Chapter and I'll send you a PDF. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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