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Find Your Silver Bullet

Kerry Guard • Monday, February 17, 2020 • 46 minutes to listen

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Neil Gordon

Helping authors, public speakers, and thought leaders to become the face of a movement. Ghostwriter of numerous non-fiction books that have earned six-figure advances and been seen on national media outlets like Ellen and Dr. Oz. Coach to speakers who have attracted multiple bookings from a single appearance and doubled their fees.


You're on a company's homepage. You skim the text to understand what they're about.

Half the words are industry jargon. The other half is filler.

After skimming and rereading the page multiple times you still have NO idea what they do, or most importantly what problem they solve. 5 minutes you lost and can't get back.

Single Action To Single Outcome

You should be able to distill your message down to an action that leads to an outcome. Neil gives some great examples in this podcast, one being from a Kickstarter campaign that said, "When You Travel Compact, You Experience More." It was for a backpack that compressed your soft gear to make it easier to travel.

There's a clear action: "Travel Compact" and outcome, "Experience More".

At MKG, we could say, "Work with industry experts, to make more money." Not the most eloquent, but it's what we do and what our clients get in return and it is the recipe for a Silver Bullet... Action. Outcome.

It's About Belief

The Silver Bullet isn't about facts. It's about feelings. How to make people feel to evoke change.

So, if I was to riff on our Silver Bullet - Work with our industry experts, so your business grows faster.

No company's mission is "Make more money". Their mission is to create change. In an industry. In lives. In the world. We could certainly talk about how we help companies make more money, but to talk about the feeling behind what they get when they make more money and to fulfill their mission at scale more efficiently is really what we're trying to. Money facilitates it, but it's not the TRUE outcome.

Builds Trust

A Silver Bullet is NOT a tagline.

This is an ah-ha moment. The Silver Bullet should be introduced when it makes the most sense and not upfront. Don't give the game away.

People are more likely to embrace a solution when it's provided in the context it solves. This is the delivery of a promise. By holding onto it and only sharing it at the most opportune time is when your Silver Bullet will make the most impact.

If I was to give a talk about MKG, one of our biggest differentiators is that we hire experts who own the outcome end to end. The person you're speaking with on strategy of pulling the levers on execution. Minimizes whisper down the lane and ultimately allows for faster outcomes. You work directly with our industry experts and your business grows faster.


This episode is brought to you by MKG Marketing the digital marketing agency that helps complex tech companies like cybersecurity, grow their businesses and fuel their mission through SEO, digital ads, and analytics.

Hosted by Kerry Guard, CEO co-founder MKG Marketing. Music Mix and mastering done by Austin Ellis.

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