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How To Conduct The Orchestra of Business

Kerry Guard • Monday, April 20, 2020 • 46 minutes to listen

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Roderick Jefferson

Named as a “Leading Sales Enablement Consultant”by SellingPower, Roderick Jefferson & Associates is focused on driving growth in small/mid-size companies and Fortune 500 corporations. I have been both the buyer and the seller of high technology products, sales platforms, and professional services, so I understands what will resonate with your customers.


Roderick Jefferson is a Leading Sales Enablement Consultant who has worked with many innovative, category-leading companies (AT&T, eBay, Oracle, Marketo, and Paypal to name a few).

His Mission - Drive growth in small and midsize businesses (SMBs) and Fortune 500 companies.

He does this by coordinating and conducting multiple units (HR, Product, Marketing, and Sales) to ensure that the sales team receives the necessary support to effectively close deals.

Decreasing Time to Revenue & Increasing Productivity

No matter the current size of your company, for Roderick, sharing information across the various teams helps to make companies bigger, faster, and stronger. Taking the best practices and lessons learned in previous organizations and applying them to aid new clients as well as help companies help themselves.


Roderick utilizes this hashtag to differentiate how his consultancy operates. In essence, sales productivity and growth is reliant on an intentional plan backed by years of experience to deliver the desired results. Process and template creation help to generate a pattern of repeatable success, not simply relying on faith.

Communication Is Key

The different teams of an organization do not always speak the same language. One of the key elements of sales enablement is to act, Roderick notes, as “the translators of dialects and languages”. They discuss with each team individually as well as the clients to boil down to the key elements that need to be changed; once identified, they coach each division to achieve the enumerated goals.

Partnerships Not Competitors

By partnering together, in-house sales enablement teams and consultants can combine the tenured experience and outside perspective on growth patterns in a variety of industries with step-by-step guides for success criteria. By mixing best practices and tools with leadership training, sales managers are able to obtain the most value out of their teams and track this success using up-to-date key metrics.

In Summary

‘Sales enablement is the conductor who ensures that the various instruments are played in sync to create beautiful, productive, scalable, and repeatable music.’ An outsider perspective allows Roderick to see the holes in the client’s system and work to streamline communication in order to alleviate the flaws. One person or small team can make a crucial difference in the purchase journey and enable a company to adapt and capitalize on its strengths effectively.

This was only a high-level recap of how sales enablement can help you grow your business and streamline messaging across departments. Be sure to listen to the whole episode.

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Hosted by Kerry Guard, CEO co-founder MKG Marketing. Music Mix and mastering done by Austin Ellis.

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