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Kerry Guard • Monday, November 16, 2020 • 51 minutes to listen

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Renato Agrella

Renato Agrella is the founder and partner at 2A Consulting specializing in multimedia storytelling for highly-technical clients.

Bridging the Gap

Renato started 2A after working in the industry and observing the divide between what technology clients needed and what traditional consulting firms provided. Storytelling requires a deft touch as well as an intimate knowledge of both the product and potential clients. By outsourcing to consulting or creative firms, clients can lose their clear messaging or misalign it with strategy. The more complex, high-tech products and services require a more intensive storytelling process. The audience for the majority of these companies is comprised of engineers, those who have the desire for a deeper understanding; however, Renato also understands that content can't simply be a monolith of jargon on a webpage. You have to take all aspects of accessibility into account, finding the right medium or method for your particular audience. You must match the level of technicality between your content and your potential clients.

Simplify the Stories

2A utilizes multiple iterations to hone in on what he coins "nuggets" or the key message to be communicated. Rather than talking for the sake of talking, or writing for writing's sake, Renato champions a "less is more" approach. While this requires more backend work from 2A, the message is clearer and more refined for customers. A fitting comparison would be episodic, comedy programming rather than dramatic writing. You can pick up almost any episode of Friends and understand it with no prior knowledge; the same cannot be said of Game of Thrones or other drawn-out, multi-season, complex shows. Renato and his team simplify the complex stories in ways to make them easier for an unknowing audience member to just hop in and understand the key elements. Whether they've been aware of the offer for 5 years or 5 minutes, the content needs to create an intriguing story and communicate the potential value add.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Relationships are absolutely key in B2B because you're working closely with clients over a longer course of time and generally the contracts are larger in scale and price. In order to uncover the "nuggets", Renato and his team must develop ongoing partnerships to begin gaining an understanding of the client's business objectives. 83% of his clients are returning business, those who are satisfied with his work and wish to continue growing. 2A guides with creativity, go-to-market strategy, and even embedding with clients to work alongside throughout the entire process. The ability to understand the people within the business, and to internalize feedback sets you apart from the competition.

This was only a high-level summary of our conversation with Renato Agrella. Be sure to listen to the whole episode!

See you next week for the season finale- our final podcast of 2020!

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