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We All Have Superpowers

Kerry Guard • Monday, February 8, 2021 • 42 minutes to listen

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Adam Mendler

Adam Mendler is the Chief Executive Officer of The Veloz Group, where he co-founded and oversees ventures across a wide variety of industries. He also provides business thought leadership as a speaker to businesses, universities and non-profit organizations, as the host of the podcast Thirty Minute Mentors, as an expert regularly cited in national media outlets, and as an advisor, consultant, coach and board member.


From Los Angeles to Wall Street, Adam Mendler has learned some hard-earned lessons about
While earning an MBA at the Anderson School of Management (UCLA), Adam interned in entertainment (Universal). Upon graduation, he returned to finance and worked in large corporate firms.

After nearly a decade, Mr. Mendler wanted to try something different, to build his own success. He founded the Velos Group in 2012 with his brother. They built three companies under the umbrella: Beverly Hills Chairs - the biggest refurbished furniture store in Los Angeles, a fully online cigar shop, and a life insurance software. He wanted to have more of an impact as it is nearly impossible to do so early on in career at older, bureaucratic companies. Adam wanted to contribute right away; building firms from scratch allowed Adam to build upon lessons from other companies.

30 Minute Mentors

Adam conducts 1-on-1 interviews with celebrities, athletes, and CEOs on how they achieved success. Bringing together the most successful people on how they got to the top, and how listeners can replicate that in their own lives. “It’s really important (no matter what you’re doing) to create something of which people want to be a part”.

He created 30 Minute Mentors as a platform to pay it forward; as Field of Dreams said, "if you build it, they will come".

Leadership isn’t about being everyone’s friend but building authentic relationships is key. It is key to remember that 'Not everybody thinks like you'. By better understanding how team members think, managers can forge more impactful partnerships and create productive workflows.

Adam stresses the importance of understanding your superpower as early as possible. The earlier you figure it out, the better you’ll be because you have more time to develop a deeper understanding and build a more robust portfolio.

His guests answer questions to share their hard-earned wisdom and encourage their listeners to ask themselves how to better serve their companies.

'How do your goals align with your superpower? How do you deal with getting derailed? Perhaps that path was the wrong one? Maybe I developed other passions?'

By deep diving into their personal motivations, marketers are able to tailor their experiences and hone their energies into impactful solutions.

This was only a high-level overview of our conversation with Adam Mendler. Be sure to listen to the whole episode! More written content to come next week!

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Hosted by Kerry Guard, CEO co-founder MKG Marketing. Music Mix and mastering done by Austin Ellis.

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