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The Rising Popularity & Value of Mobile Devices

Mike Krass • June 7, 2012 • 2 minutes to read

How much time are you spending on your mobile device?

According to a recent article in The Atlantic, 10% of users time is spent on mobile devices. Why is this a relevant statistic?

Because while users spend 10% of their time on mobile devices, only 1% of ad spend is dedicated to these devices

With such a great disparity in time spent and advertising spend, we still believe that mobile marketing is the future of media and advertising. Here's why ...

Diversity of Tactics on Mobile Devices

Agencies & brands have a plethora of mobile tactics to choose from to deliver their product message and brand experience to the target audience.

We can thank advancements in the following tactics that now help us more efficiently generate brand awareness, product consideration, purchase & brand loyalty.

  • Mobile ad units
  • Mobile search
  • Mobile apps
  • Mobile web
  • SMS marketing

Mobile Experimentation Leading to New Opportunities

We discussed the rise of social discovery apps like Highlight and Banjo in a previous blog post, and while many users label these ideas as 'creepy', the concepts behind social discovery are great fuel to the fire for others looking to expand the value of GPS-specific capabilities, open-graph technologies and social web as a whole.

Mobile's Influence on Society as a Whole

More than two-thirds of mobile users time on their device is spent conducting non-communication activities.

Great examples of this fact include ...

Each year, users rely on their mobile device more heavily as a source of information (as well as communication). As the mobile experience continues to improve, we believe that this reliance will continue to grow.

Don't believe us?

Well, then take into consideration the fact that there will be more mobile web users than desktop web by 2015.

Is your brand prepared to embrace communicating with consumers on their mobile device?

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