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2014 Year in Review (Spoiler: It Was Awesome)

Adam Bullock • January 2, 2015 • 3 minutes to read

We used the word 'kickass' to describe 2013. Well, how did we follow up a 'kickass' year?

With an awesome 2014!

(Playing the song below will significantly enhance this blog post - it's recommended you jam out.)

Our AWESOME Clients

We can't overstate how much we appreciate our clients. They believe in us and we constantly strive to go above and beyond their expectations.

We sincerely thank each and everyone client that we've had the opportunity to work with, past and present. We look forward to continuing to achieve and exceed business goals!


We grew from three to five employees over the past year. Adam Bullock joined in March, and Jenna Forstrom hopped aboard in October. This has allowed us to become even more agile, turning around requests for clients in record time and has led to electrifying brainstorm sessions!

Our AWESOME Highlights of 2014

What If...? Conference Philadelphia

Kerry and Christian not only attended the What If...? Conference in Philadelphia, but both had an opportunity to present! Kerry presented her talk which was called What If We Could Fly at 30,000 Feet? (embedded below) and Christian held a workshop called SEO for Startups .

Actionable Blog Posts

We came STRONG this year! Here is a list of some of our favorites...

A Focus on Visual

The entirety of the Internet transitioned into a much more visual space. We had the sincere pleasure of running several visual campaigns for our clients and saw the power of the visual medium! We can't wait to integrate visual concepts into our campaigns moving forward.

Supporting a Local Tech Movement

It's important to give back and support the community, and Christian and Adam took an opportunity to partner with the Innovation Partnership Zone (IPZ) in southwest Washington State to help support the local tech community. We look forward to more networking functions and opportunities to nurture the growth of tech in the Pacific Northwest!

They even put Christian and Adam in their partners picture (and if that's not a ringing endorsement, I don't know what is...).

MKG Day in November 2014

The awesomeness of the year culminated in a team get-together in November 2014. The entire team was able to get together, review the previous year, and plan for the year moving forward. Check out our photo album on Facebook!

What Does 2015 Hold?

From kickass, to awesome, to _____? We can't wait to make 2015 the best year it can be!

Stay tuned for case studies, tips 'n tricks and insightful news you can use on the MKG Blog.

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