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Our View From Here — July 2021

Kerry Guard • July 1, 2021 • 2 minutes to read

July was crazy. So many amazing things happened that I'm going to fill this month's view from here chock full of all our amazing updates!

#1 Welcome Katie Morton!

Katie Morton joined us as our next Account Director. She's located in my hometown - Philadelphia, and we're so excited to have brought on someone who has hit the ground running, building rapport withe our clients and team. We love her energy and are honored to have her. Welcome Katie!

#2 New Website

We have launched a brand new website complete with new logo, images, and copy. We did some serious soul searching with the help of copy writers to really understand who we are and how we help marketing leaders. It comes down to building tailored marketing plans that is hyper focused on what challenges our marketers are facing. Every single person in a marketing team has a different goal that lends it's self to the big overarching company bottom line. It's our job to connect and get to know our clients and what their challenges are then build a plan that meets their unique, individual needs. Feel free to stay awhile and check it out!

#3 Season 8 of the Tea Time With Tech Marketing Podcast

This season was probably the most important collection of conversations I've had to date. As marketers we've been facing constant shifts from buyers - Mark Schaefer calls these rebellions. We've had three Marketing Rebellions over the last 50 years or so. The first one was the end of Lies, then came the end of secrets, and now we're in the throws of pivoting towards ensuring we're always treating our customers and potential customers like humans and meeting them where they are. Season 8 kicks off with Mark walking us through these Rebellions and how we can move towards and through this third one to come out ahead and on top. The amazing thing, is that I ended up having seven other conversations that either backup what Mark wrote about or are examples of people who are already leading as a human first company. What an honor to have so many amazing marketers to dig in and discuss such an important topic.

What's next?

Stay tuned for August's update. We have big changes coming and we can't wait to share them with you!

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