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How To Build A Company Around Your Values

Kerry Guard • January 29, 2021 • 3 minutes to read

"Within Us"

The theme for this season of Dr Jankovic's podcast is 'consciously creating your unique contribution and the life you love'.
This season is all about the 'how-to' of starting your new venture, crafting your new offer, and consciously leveling up your life, wellbeing, and business. She interviews extraordinary female entrepreneurs who have successfully created community and/or can guide you with the support and inspiration that you need to turn your professional expertise and passion into a successful and profitable program, course, or business.

People First

When people know they are valued and cared for, they go the extra mile. Without enthusiastic and dedicated people, your business goals will remain unachievable.

From large ad agencies in New York and Seattle, Kerry's experienced some harsh realities of the industry- long hours, huge budget campaigns, and more times than not, a limited scope of results. These large ad agencies weren't measuring the return on investment in the digital space. Kerry, who used to work in a crazy culture where she’s burnt out and felt replaceable, realized that the place she was in was not the life she wanted. MKG's first hire, Christian, had a family before joining; this made CEO Mike Krass and Kerry reconsider the preconception that agencies must chain their employees to their desks for 12-14 hours a day. The result of these long hours is consistent, quick burnout, turnover where employees would last a maximum of two years at any one agency.

As a 100% remote firm, MKG was founded on the idea of "people first" - no commutes, weekends off, 20 vacation days, unlimited sick days, and flexibility, especially in regards to families. In addition, limiting client contact to normal business hours so that they don't set a dangerous precedent and take advantage of you.

No-one Is An Island

One of the most important mantras we have at MKG is "no-one is an island". By having constant contact via Zoom chat rooms, we're able to stay in touch with anyone at MKG and rely on their expertise when stuck. Not only does it create a support network, but it also helps maintain accountability. Kerry insists that planned breaks help divide up the potential monotony or insane crunch; "do some things just for you throughout the day, whether taking walks or listening to podcasts." Leading with empathy has allowed MKG to propel forward and bring in new perspectives.

Stay True to Your Roots

Kerry discussed how staying in one industry, specifically generating demand for B2B technology companies, has allowed them to build experience and strengthen the MKG brand. While they've adjusted the specific aims (the results they seek) during the first years, Kerry and Mike have maintained the core reason for why they started the company; this is crucial to scaling the firm beyond the infant stages. It's necessary to seek resources to learn from other entrepreneurs, their success and failures, and how to build a firm from the ground up. Utilizing a network goes beyond just the beginning, YEC and other associations create connections and stay inspired.

Listen to the full episode here

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