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The Future of MKG Marketing

Kerry Guard • April 30, 2012 • 4 minutes to read

A lot has been happening with us here at MKG Marketing!

We've continued to work with our first client, brought on a new SaaS client here in the Bay Area, started working with 'secret national retailer X' (more details to come!) and have a surprise client or two up our sleeve that we're excited to introduce publicly.

Our newest client, YouEye, has given us office space.

Mike has stopped doing hot yoga (and is miserable without it).

Okay, maybe the last one was a little bit off track ...

... But ...

... great news isn't all that we wanted to share with you -- We wanted to give you, our readers & clients, an update on the vision of where this agency is going and how we are continuing to improve our services every single day.

Our History

We used to simply sell ourselves as a display media buying shop -- all we did was plan & buy display media space for clients.

That quickly (and quite rapidly) began to change. In our companies lifetime, we have transitioned to providers of ...

  • Planning and buying display media only
  • Introduced mobile & social, giving us the ability to communicate across multiple digital media channels
  • Grew to focus on measurable media across all channels (including traditional) with a heavy emphasis in digital
  • Continue to represent a measurable media offering, but our 'secret sauce' has changed in the way that we deliver these results -

Our Updated Vision -- The 'Not-So-Secret Sauce'

Our original model of how we delivered results for our clients was -

  • Reach: Understand who your actionable audience is and reach as many of those users across the web
  • Teach: Teach these users about your brands product / service
  • Convert: Convert this audience, analyze their characteristics, and go acquire more users like them We have recently shifted to a more powerful model of acquiring and, more importantly, retaining customers.

The one liner to describe what we are focusing on is ...

We're in the business of generating customers -- NOT transactions 

An example of a transaction is when I go to the mall and buy a pair of Vans sneakers once a year.

A customer is someone that will purchase a pair of Vans sneakers every single month.

See the difference?

12 product purchases compared to 1. We want to identify and nurture existing 'transactions' into becoming loyal 'customers'.

So how does it work?

There are three key components to our 'not-so-secret sauce' ...

Step 1: Conversion

Focus on converting users across the web. We'd like to deliver a tangible return on media investment metric back to you, the client.

Step 2: What do these users look like?

Analyze and interpret the demographic, psychographic, purchase behaviors, and other big data characteristics of our converting audience.

Turn this data into actionable insights to feed into our conversion engine and deliver more qualified leads for you -- the client.

Step 3: Lead nurturing

Not only do we want to drive conversions and understand what those users look like; we want to utilize tools and create strategies that will continue to nurture these 'transactions' into 'customers'.

In our opinion, lead nurturing is one of the most under serviced capabilities in our market. Many agencies that I speak with find that it's the 'clients job' to nurture their own leads  -- that the agencies role is simply to 'bring the horse to the trough to eat'


We are in it together with our clients, and we want to provide the ability to not only 'bring the horse to the trough' but to keep the lines of communication open with said 'horses' by continually engaging and nurturing these users into becoming loyal customers.

How will this help you -- our readers?

For our readers, you're going to see a wider range of marketing / technology related content published here on the Digi Rules blog.

To deliver on our 'not-so-secret sauce', we need to be on top of every new opportunity -- that's one of our core values as an agency.

How will this help you -- our prospective and existing client base?

For prospective and existing clients, we'll continue to refine the process of generating and nurturing qualified leads, and as this happens our ability to deliver 'customers' instead of 'transactions' will continue to improve over time.

This sounds so simple, and that's the way we want it to be: We continue to work our MKG tails off and make our 'not-so-secret sauce' better and better -- You continue to reap the benefits and look like a rock star within your organization.

We'd have it no other way :-)

Thanks for stopping in. We're looking forward to the future!

Please, don't hesitate to reach out with any questions you have in by sending us an email here.

Go Forth & Conquer,


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