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The Super Bowl of Ads

Kerry Guard • February 6, 2012 • 2 minutes to read

Since America just experienced the biggest advertising day of the year, the Super Bowl, we wanted to take a moment to call out a couple winners and losers that stood out to us during the big game.

So without further ado ...


  • Acura: Not only is the new Acura NSX absolutely gorgeous, but Acura was able to create a bidding war that involves inner-city ziplines and jetpack-propelled squirrel suits between Jerry Seinfield and Jay Leno. Does it get any better than that?
  • Fiat: It took me a moment to realize they were speaking Italian (I am conversational level), as I was potentially distracted by the visual aspect of the commercial, but I thought that this commercial was really attention grabbing. Changing the spoken language to Italian acted like the use of white noise; it changes the audio 'line' of a string of commercials, so to speak, that uses something so different than what appeared previously that it causes to viewer to listen up to decipher what the difference is.


  • A good example of how not to sell something using sex. I'm unsure if Adriana Lima really understood the level of sexual innuendo her part delivered when she said the line "Give and you shall receive", but it just looked like a smutty way to promote online flower services. Teleflora should hire a couple senior-level female members on their team to prevent this type of abomination from occurring in the future.
  • Jack in the Box: I love bacon just as much as the next red-blooded American does, but to marry a piece of bacon? And have the closing line be 'You may now eat the bride'? Ugh, pass me the Doritos instead.

The actual measurable results of these Super Bowl ads won't be apparent until we see these advertisers profit / loss sheets at the end of this fiscal quarter, but we just wanted to start your week off with our opinion on the winners and losers of the big game.

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