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The Super Tuesday of Digital Media

Kerry Guard • March 6, 2012 • 2 minutes to read

Super Tuesday is upon us -- Voters in 10 states will participate in caucuses and primaries that will award more more delegates in the Republican presidential nomination than all the caucuses and primaries that have come before it.

So, what is the digital media equivalent of Super Tuesday?

While there isn't just one day that takes the cake, there are a couple than compete for the top spot.

  • Black Friday: Want access to all the best deals without having to get off the couch? Lucky for you, sites dedicated to Black Friday deals such as Black Friday Info & The Black Friday that will catalogue all the deals you're interested in and help you redeem them with no more than the click of your mouse.
  • Cyber Monday: In this election cycle, Cyber Monday is the equivalent of Mitt Romney on steroids. Overstock, Dealio & Amazon all set up specific sections of their sites to cater to the hordes of traffic that will descend upon online retailers on this day. Last year, US based shoppers spent more than **$1.25 BILLION ** on Cyber Monday, making it only the second day in a calendar year that has topped the $1 billion mark.
  • Week after Christmas: In our experience, the week after Christmas generates massive traffic spikes and performance increases in consumer-focused media campaigns. How could this be? Simple: Gift exchanges and returns. Aside from receiving gifts that are unappreciated, many consumers receive gift cards that need redeeming. Ipso facto, consumers are still shopping after all the presents have been torn open!

These are just a few examples of Super Tuesday-esque digital media holidays.

Year in and year out, these are the heavy hitters of the digital media space. How does your brand communicate with consumers on these days?

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