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The Four Best Digital Marketing Resources on the Web

Kerry Guard • March 16, 2012 • 2 minutes to read

What on earth makes these MKG guys experts?

First of all, we don't claim to be the end-all-be-all of digital media & marketing knowledge ... Far from it, in fact.

We consume a large amount of industry newsletters, attend events and grab drinks with marketers coast-to-coast while discussing the latest and greatest.

Yes, our lives are so difficult :-)

As a gift to you and yours on this Friday afternoon, here are four of the best digital marketing resources on the web.

1. ClickZ

ClickZ publishes daily content and delivers newsletters about media planning & buying, analytics, trainings / white papers & interactive jobs direct to users inboxes every single morning.

They also have extremely handy toolsthat we've used to explain media math and walk clients through the calculation of success metrics.

iMedia Connection

iMedia Connection works to connect the entire marketing community in a two-part strategy:

  • Content: Like ClickZ, iMedia publishes daily content on digital marketing & media on a daily basis to keep users up to date on the latest and greatest
  • Events: iMedia hosts regular events (iMedia Agency Summit, Brand Summit, Mom's Summit, etc) that cater to specific focuses or verticals within marketing

Digital Tonto

The brain child of Greg Satell, Digital Tonto is a niche digital marketing blog that discusses media, optimization & technology all from one crisp, coherent voice (enter: Greg Satell).

Digital Tonto is a refreshing place to read up on industry news as well as the actual human experience of working in this industry.


An extremely niche resource, AdExchanger focuses on ideas around digital media optimization.

On top of that, AdExchanger aggregates various trainings, resources, job listings & industry events.

Last but not least, they also release a regular 'state of the industry' post that details influentials in the community changing jobs, starting companies, as well as any other big headlines that just happened.

So there you have it ... Happy Friday!

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