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Three Media Channels that Nurture Leads

Kerry Guard • March 8, 2012 • 1 minutes to read

There are a million and one ways to generate awareness or create buzz around your brand.

But how can media agencies nurture bottom of the funnel leads?

Here are a few examples ...

  • Email Marketing: Perhaps the most traditional way to nurture leads, brands collect email addresses through lead gen forms or e-newsletter sign ups from users who have agreed to receive email communications about news, discounts and events the brand has to offer.
  • SMS Marketing: Also known as short codes, SMS marketing allows consumers to opt-in to regular communication from a brand via text message. Specials and discounts are popular with SMS marketing, as users simply bring in their cell phone with the coupon and are able to redeem on the spot.
  • This also makes it extremely  simple to track ROI generated from these SMS campaigns.
  • Search Retargeting: Media partners like Chango have the ability to serve banner ads to users who recently typed in a relevant search query into Google, Bing or Yahoo search engines. Unlike email and SMS marketing, which require a user to opt into the program, search retargeting simply utilizes existing search data to nurture leads who are actively seeking out your product or service.

How does your company push leads through the purchase funnel?

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