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Youth Consuming Video Everywhere — Except on TV

Kerry Guard • February 13, 2012 • 1 minutes to read

According to recent Nielsen research, television viewership is through the roof amongst the 65+ demographic.

The same does not hold true for the 35 and under crowd.

In Q3 2011, Adults 25-34 watched 4 1/2 fewer hours of over-the-air TV than they reported in Q3 2010.

For the first time ever, the Super Bowl was broadcast online as well as on traditional, over-the-air TV. 2.1 million users tuned in online -- the most ever to tune in online for a single sporting event.

Because he has mastered Apple's swipe-to-unlock motion, a reader's 8-month old newborn is watching Baby Einstein on an iPad instead of on a traditional TV set.

An 8 month old choosing an iPad over a traditional TV screen!

Brands and agencies must learn how to adapt the medium they deliver their product message on in order to reach this declining group of youngsters who have taken their eyeballs from traditional TV viewing to third screens such as smartphones, tablets and computer screens.

Brands must learn to communicate with the right audience in the right place -- and now on the right device

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