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How to Close A Discovery Call and Follow-Up

Kerry Guard • Monday, December 9, 2019 • 40 minutes to listen

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This is part two of my conversation with Jo-Anne Jaspan. If you haven't yet listened to the first episode, here's a link.

In our second conversation, Jo-Anne talks through how to close out a discovery call and what to do next. Things do not end when you hang up the phone...

Seal the Deal

Another time...

The discovery call isn't about making the final sale. It's about finding out what your potential customer needs and having some idea on how you are able to solve it. The discovery call is about getting consistent buy-in through out the process from agreeing on the agenda, to getting your questions answered around what they're challenges are, to finally agreeing on another meeting.

Chances are, you will not close a sale on the first call.

When Next We Meet

Before your next call, follow up with a thank you, next steps, and some sort of give. Attach a PDF to your document that answers one of their questions or shows how you previously solved the same challenge for another client. Whatever the give, make sure it's useful. If you don't have something, check in with your marketing team or other sales team members to see if they have had similar conversations and have a case study on hand.

Thank You

Thank you for listening to our first season of the MKG Podcast. I hope you have enjoyed all my conversations with some really great people, both guests and MKG Experts alike.

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Jo-Anne Jaspan

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