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Be a Guest on Our Podcast Network

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MKG Marketing currently hosts two regular podcasts:

  • Tea Time with Tech Marketing Leaders talks to marketing leaders from a variety of tech companies on a wide range of marketing topics with host Kerry Guard.
  • What's the Problem? is our security-focused tech podcast with Mike Krass where they talk about the problems facing cyber-security experts today.

What's your story?

We are always on the look-out for interesting guests and topics so come share your challenges and solutions.

Listen to previous episodes to learn from your peers then join us to share your perspective!

  1. Meet — Meet with our host for 15 minutes to hone in on the topics for the podcast.
  2. Record — Tell your story and enjoy a 60-minute conversation with our host "on-air".
  3. Publish — Our team will edit, publish, and share the podcast across our channels!

Let's go!

Meet with Kerry for Tea Time with Tech Marketing Leaders

Meet with Mike for What's the Problem?

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