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Cloudera + MKG: Elevating Cloudera's Organic Keyword and Page Ranking through an SEO-Centric Pillar Page

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Company Name: Cloudera
Website: Cloudera Website


In June 2023, Cloudera, a distinguished enterprise software company specializing in modern data management and analytics solutions, launched a strategically crafted pillar page titled "Modern Data Architecture FAQs & Resources." The objective was to optimize the page for specific keywords related to modern data architecture, subsequently enhancing its organic ranking and increasing its subject matter authority.

The Challenge

Before the launch of the pillar page, Cloudera faced challenges with its key targeted keywords. Several crucial terms, such as "cloudera data mesh," "modern data storage," "cloudera data lake architecture," and "modern data architects," were not ranking on the coveted Page 1 of search engine results.

The Strategy

To address Cloudera’s ranking challenges and improve their visibility for the target keywords, an SEO-focused pillar page was designed and launched at the end of June 2023. The page was meticulously structured to provide comprehensive information and resources related to “modern data architecture”, targeting key industry-related questions as well as leveraging FAQ Structured Data and HTML Heading keyword saturation.

The Pillar Page

Pillar Page Title: Modern Data Architecture FAQs & Resources
Page URL: Modern Data Architecture Pillar Page
Date Launched: End of June, 2023

The page was carefully curated to answer fundamental questions related to “modern data architecture,” aiming to establish Cloudera's expertise and authority in this domain. Examples of the questions include:

  1. What is Modern Data Architecture?
  2. What are some of the core components of Modern Data Architecture?
  3. What industries should leverage Modern Data Architectures?
  4. How can businesses define the successful use of a Modern Data Architecture?

Results and Impact

Within 90 days of the pillar page's launch, substantial progress was observed in Cloudera's organic keyword rankings and page visibility. Some notable improvements include:

  1. Modern Cloud Data Architecture:
    • Moved from Page 2 to Page 1 of search engine results, enhancing visibility and potential organic traffic.
  2. What is Modern Data Architecture:
    • Shifted from Page 2 to Page 1, achieving the primary ranking objective of the page and establishing Cloudera's topical authority.

Additional Keyword Ranking Improvements

Apart from the primary keywords, the pillar page also began ranking for several other relevant terms. Notable achievements include:

  • Cloudera Data Mesh: Previously non-ranking, moved onto Page 1
  • Modern Data Storage: Previously non-ranking, moved onto Page 1
  • Cloudera Data Lake Architecture: Previously non-ranking, moved onto Page 1
  • Modern Data Architects: Previously non-ranking, moved onto Page 1

Key Takeaways

  1. Rapid Ranking Improvement:
    • The implementation of a focused pillar page strategy led to significant improvements in keyword rankings within just 90 days.
  2. Topical Thoroughness:
    • The pillar page's comprehensive content and thorough coverage of modern data architecture topics contributed to improved keyword rankings and organic visibility.
  3. Keyword Saturation:
    • The optimized use of targeted keywords throughout the pillar page played a crucial role in enhancing search engine rankings.


Cloudera's success in enhancing organic keyword rankings and page visibility through the strategic implementation of an SEO-focused pillar page demonstrates the effectiveness of a well-structured and topic-centric content approach. By addressing industry-specific queries and providing valuable resources, Cloudera positioned itself as an authoritative source in the modern data architecture landscape, resulting in improved organic visibility and potential customer engagement.

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