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ExtraHop + MKG: A Digital Advertising Case Study

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MKG Marketing has been working with ExtraHop since 2015. We were hired by one of our favorite champions, Marguerite Yeo. Once Marguerite on-boarded us,we quickly got to work wiring up analytics to measure results all the way through to the pipeline, auditing the website for search engine optimization, and launching digital advertising lead generation campaigns.


We were gaining momentum. Then Marguerite left. Two marketers who specialized in events and email took over Marguerite’s position of Demand Generation. We quickly established a rapport by understanding what was important to these new stakeholders as it related to events and email. We then launched their first Account Based Marketing campaigns using Terminus.

Then once again, these stakeholders moved onto other organizations, and Joanne Kernie was hired. Joanne quickly built a team of web, content, and digital marketing experts. Monica Deng was hired as the new Digital Marketing Manager, and two weeks later, we on-boarded CJ Johnson at MKG.


Step 1. Monica and CJ quickly built a relationship.

CJ wasn’t afraid to explain, and over explain, the changes they were making to provide context and help the team understand the reasons behind their optimizations. Over-communication builds trust. Transparency builds trust.

Step 2. CJ inherited the account from one of our previous Digital Advertising Experts.

With fresh eyes, CJ quickly optimized what was working by restructuring and consolidating campaigns and redistributing budgets to give the algorithm more to work with.

Step 3. Speaking of algorithm - work with it, not against it

Generally, when restructuring an account, performance will dip while the algorithm relearns. With this restructure, performance slowed for a few weeks, but the impact was minimal because the ExtraHop account had years of data, which we built.

Test, test, test to find the balance of manual and AI. Find the balance of timing > enough data to make smart decisions but not letting forever and burning budget

Step 4. Optimize

Keyword optimization: Add negative and positive keywords from search term report Broader keywords, watch closely then optimize towards long tail & exact match Budget pacing: Rolling average of spend for day

Year Over Year Growth

MKG Marketing ExtraHop Year Over Year GrowthMKG Marketing Helps ExtraHop grow ad spend and pipeline create.2017201820192020Ad SpendPipeline Create


  • Ad Spend: -20%
  • Pipeline: +26%


  • Ad Spend increase: +2x
  • Pipeline increase: +5x


  • Ad Spend increase: +42%
  • Pipeline: +29%


  • In H1, spend grew 156% year over year
  • We branched out into direct buys and programmatic media

Where to next!

As of July 2021 ExtraHop has been acquired by Bain Capital Private Equity and Crosspoint Capital Partners. Big congratulations to the MKG Marketing team at ExtraHop.

We are thrilled to be part of their journey and to have our Digital Marketing experts run paid media across Search, Social, Programmatic, and Direct Site Buys. GO EXTRAHOP! Excited to be on the journey and can’t wait to see what we all do together next!

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