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Making connections via LinkedIn Inmail

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Meet our client

Eric Marrero, the Brand Communications and Social Media lead at Octapharma USA, guides brand communications for the entire portfolio of Octapharma brands such as Cutaquig, Octagam, and Wilate (to name a few).

The time is nigh!

Earlier this year the President of Octapharma USA came to Eric with a clear directive: we need to communicate Octagam supply to healthcare providers (HCPs) immediately.

Not tomorrow.

Not next week or month.

We have a distinct product advantage right now that we need to communicate to HCPs immediately.

This is easier said than done.

LinkedIn InMail campaign pilot program

That kind of message from a senior company leader is enough to make your blood pressure increase by a few points!

Which is something we completely understand.

Marketing or communications initiatives for pharmaceutical and life science brands is often time-sensitive.

An announcement that needs to be immediately communicated.

A treatment moving through different trial stages.

Blessing from the FDA at the conclusion of a trial.

It all has to happen right now.

Our partnership

So how do you reach a very specific set of HCPs during a Global Pandemic when all the conferences, trade shows and other industry events are shut down?

  1. Messaging had to be delivered fast via Digital Marketing. Because we didn’t have time to negotiate a media package with communities like Medscape, MKG built out LinkedIn InMail campaigns to send InMail directly to healthcare professionals inboxes.
  2. LinkedIn InMail allowed us to set extremely specific targeting parameters so only the right HCPs received the Octagam message.
  3. The InMail messages called the professional to either share their information directly with Octapharma USA or to pick up the phone to call a distributor to discuss the particulars of placing an order.

Wins in five business days

It’s difficult to grab a busy healthcare providers attention.

Especially when leadership directs that attention to be grabbed right now.

The InMail campaigns were able to grab HCPs attention at less than $700 per new HCP lead, a figure that’s even better than conference or trade show lead prices for pharmaceutical brands like Octapharma USA.

And the best part? It all launched and leads began flowing in less than 1 week so we could meet the President’s directions to capitalize on Octagam’s market position.

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