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Cut Through The Static

Kerry Guard • Monday, November 2, 2020 • 43 minutes to listen

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Jonathan Pogact

Jonathan Pogact is the VP of Marketing at Seamless.AI He was the previous VP of Marketing for Drips, a text messaging software that helps brands deliver conversion results.

Jonathan is an expert in using text messaging capabilities to drive revenue and maintain the conversation with a client to maximize conversions. Direct SMS for brands circumvents the biggest problem that email marketing faces, clutter. Check right now; how many unread texts do you have? Compare that with how many emails are sitting in your inbox. For most of us, the difference is astounding: few if no unread texts and perhaps hundreds if not thousands of emails. Before you worry about harassment and unwanted tracking of your data, the PCPA requires that brands must document consent in order to send a text.

Playing the Long Game

Jonathan asserts that text messaging is impactful as, for many of his clients, it's a multistage customer journey. These brands are often already 'high consideration' options before they employ the SMS reach-out. The products or services generally require multiple touchpoints and a call or follow-up before purchase which adds to the value of text; they wish to stay top of mind throughout the process. The texting software is predominantly utilized as a method of following up after that initial call. It's consent driven, for the exact quote that was discussed previously.

Authenticity Matters - Blend of Human & AI

People can differentiate between a bot and a real person. So, Jonathan and his team start with an onboarding process where they seek to understand the brand entirely before sending a single message. It has to feel like a real conversation with a representative. Their AI can understand tone and intent in order to react to asynchronous conversations. It has the ability to decipher tens of thousands of replies and the intent behind responses. As Jonathan notes, it must be on the customers' time, when it is most convenient for them. Even the chatbot on Drips' website leads to a conversation with a human on how to create real business impacts for your company. The most effective manner is to blend human & AI assistance.

Texting Analytics

For Jonathan, he primarily focuses on transfer rate as the main KPI. Drips helps companies track and optimize the caller experience and meet certain goals. In addition to transfer and engagement rate, Jonathan is fascinated with the data and how to utilize the high rate of open (Salesforce study - 98% within the first 2 minutes). Drips helps clients manage "speed to lead" times, how to best engage potential clients in the most timely manner. It helps businesses solve the 'always on' problem where they can cover potential gaps in coverage (weekends, holidays).

This was just a high-level summary of our conversation with Jonathan Pogact. Be sure to listen to the whole episode!

See you next week!

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