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How Michele Mehl Found Her Blue Ocean

Kerry Guard • Monday, February 3, 2020 • 51 minutes to listen

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Michele Mehl

Excy is a product of my own personal fitness woes. A busy work schedule and family history of heart disease got me thinking about a better, more convenient way to exercise for a healthier quality of life. I recruited Mike to begin prototyping a portable stationary exercise bike, one that promoted the same quality of exercises offered at a gym or a spin class, but portable enough to use anywhere.


Michele Mehl worked at a PR Agency that specialized in Start Ups. She has since moved on and created her own company which is a portable exercise machine. With her previous marketing talents she has gone on to build her company on the back of video content and her customers stories.

Know Your Why

By knowing why the company you work for got started and the meaning behind the mission and vision gives people's work meaning. For Michele, her why is to essentially save and change lives through exercise and self care.

Not only does Michele know her why and practice it everyday, she visually sees it. Around her are gifts from clients. Medals they've won thanks to being able to finish races and get back on their feet or regain use in their arms. She is surrounded by her why which is allows her to remember it and lead with it everyday.

Talk To Your Customers

By talking to your customers you're able to hear their story of how they found your product, why they chose your product over competitors, and how they're using your product. By getting this real world information you're able to create a whole strategy around generating content that will matter to your prospects.

Turn It Into Video

Once Michele talked to her customers, a main part of her strategy was video. Michele got out of her own way. She got used to being on camera and let go of perfection. By focusing on the problem her client's face and the solution Excy solves she was able to produce real videos of real people using her machine. Some videos have 20 views while other's 20,000. The views do not matter as much as the consistency and the focus on the company's why - which is to make exercise accessible, anytime, anywhere, for anyone.

Find Your Blue Ocean

Finally, find your Blue Ocean. Michele recommends reading Blue Ocean Strategy, which is all about helping you figure out where your competitors are not, but your audience is. Instead of competing with dollars and go after expensive, niche audiences, find the audiences that are being ignored and a way that your product solves problems for them.

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Hosted by Kerry Guard, CEO co-founder MKG Marketing. Music Mix and mastering done by Austin Ellis.

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