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The Power of Upfront User Research

Kerry Guard • Monday, October 28, 2019 • 37 minutes to listen

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Episode Overview

Steve Kesselman is the founder of Do. Feel. Think. Do Feel Think is a strategy consulting firm that turns research into smart decisions and strong brands. Ideas want to go places. We give them wings through thoughtful analysis, insights with clear action, compelling design and storytelling. Do Feel Think provides brand strategy, account planning and research services.

Align All Department

Depending on where you are in the growth stage, you may even want to take a further step back and create or rev-evaluate your mission and vision with the help of your existing and potential customers.

By having this information up front your able to build a customer centric product that solves the exact problems they have with the exact features to solve it. Right out of the gate. By doing this first, all of this up front hard work would then naturally cascade to your product team in prioritizing features, to your marketing team in structuring messaging, even to your finance team when they question where all the money is going... you're going to have a very powerful WHY for each department and your new customers.

Before You Spend A Single Advertising Penny

A lot of the time, as marketers, we take what the product team has created, define messaging we think is compelling based on the challenges we think we're solving, launch our messaging into the world, THEN measure it's affects.

What if we could understand how our product fits in the market place first? What if we could understand our customers and their struggle in the industry in which we fit? And what if we could do all that before spending a single advertising dollar?

With user group focused research we can!

Before spending a single advertising dollar we can have messaging that talks about the challenges our users are actually facing and how exactly our products solve that problem.

Create Original Content

In understanding the audience further and knowing what's important to them and how your company talks about the product can facilitate new content. It gives you an edge because you can basically take the questions your asking, their answers and generate white papers with real proprietary data. It opens doors to conferences and guest posts.

Steve Kesselman

Steve has led creative strategy and brand planning at ad agencies 22squared, Arnold Worldwide and WONGDOODY as well as directed research and strategy efforts at global consultancy C_Space and managed millennial insights firm Cassandra through an evolutionary change from a brilliant subscription report to a scalable SaaS business.

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