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Solidigm + MKG: Enhancing Organic Keyword Rankings through Keyword Research and On-Page Optimization

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Solidigm, a leading provider of data storage solutions, sought to enhance their organic keyword rankings and online visibility within the highly competitive data storage industry. A strategic approach combining comprehensive keyword research and meticulous on-page optimization was implemented to achieve this goal.


Keyword Research
Extensive keyword research was conducted to identify valuable commercial and transactional keywords relevant to Solidigm's products and services. The goal was to select keywords that would drive high-quality traffic and conversions.

On-Page Optimization
In February 2023, Solidigm implemented a comprehensive on-page optimization strategy, which included:

  1. Meta-Descriptions, Title Tags, and H1s: Enhanced meta-descriptions, title tags, and H1 headings on all product detail pages (PDPs), focusing on relevant keywords to improve search engine visibility.
  2. Image Optimization: Added alt text to all product images on PDPs, enhancing accessibility and aiding search engine crawlers in understanding the content.
  3. Image Size Reduction: Reduced the size of images across the site to improve load times and enhance user experience, a factor critical for search engine rankings.
  4. Site Speed Improvements: Implemented measures to optimize the overall site speed, ensuring a seamless and fast user experience.


The strategic implementation of keyword research and on-page optimization yielded substantial improvements in organic keyword rankings during the period from February to July 2023.

Notable Keyword Improvements:

  1. Data Center SSD Storage Solutions:
    • Improved from not ranked to position 1
  2. Mid-Endurance SSD
    • Improved from not ranked to position 1
  3. D7 Mobile SSD
    • Improved from position 23 to position 2
  4. SSD Data Storage Solutions
    • Improved from position 27 to position 2
  5. SSD Solutions
    • Improved from not ranked to position 3
  6. SSD Storage Solutions
    • Improved from not ranked to position 3
  7. Value Endurance SSD
    • Improved from not ranked to position 3
  8. DC SSD
    • Improved from not ranked to position 4
  9. SSD Support
    • Improved from not ranked to position 4
  10. Client SSD
    • Improved from position 20 to position 6

Additional Keyword Improvements:

  • SSD 660p 512GB:
    • Improved from position 16 to position 6.
  • SSD D5-P4326 Price:
    • Improved from position 11 to position 6.
  • SSD 660p 2TB:
    • Improved from position 11 to position 8.
  • Hynix SSD Drivers:
    • Improved from position 17 to position 10.


The collaboration between Solidigm and MKG showcases the powerful impact of strategic keyword research and careful on-page optimization. By aligning website content with carefully selected keywords and optimizing on-page elements, Solidigm achieved significant improvements in organic keyword rankings, resulting in heightened online visibility and increased potential for conversions. These results underscore the importance of a tailored SEO strategy in achieving sustainable business growth and maximizing online presence in a competitive digital landscape.

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